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School Sponsorship

The Isaiah Project is our school sponsorship Program. All tuition, books, and school related expenses are provided to the students in our program. 

Funding for Medical Care

We provide for medical care as the need presents itself within the communities where we serve.

Funding for Housing

For the Isaiah Project students, we provide funding for safe clean housing

Meeting Nutritional Needs

Isaiah International recognizes the necessity of feeding the hungry in order to make classroom learning possible. 

Community Advised and Organized

We want to empower whole communities and recognize that nobody knows what a community needs better than the individuals inside them. We respectfully allow developing communities to say exactly what they need and how to accomplish it

The Isaiah Project is an initiative which seeks to break the cycle of poverty by funding tuition, nutritional needs, and shelter for underprivileged, abandoned, homeless, or orphaned children and young adults. Many children who participate in the program start school for the first time ever between the ages of 11-17. We seek to fund tuition from grade 1 through college. 

The project currently operates in the Philippines with several participants. As more resources become available, additional students will be given the opportunity for an education. 

Our Story
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The Isaiah International Story


In 2015, I moved across the world from Louisiana to the Philippines with only a vague idea of what was to come. I quickly fell in love with the warm culture and sought to serve the poor with my missions team with all I had in me. A few months in, we were introduced by a local lawyer to three teenage brothers who were in grave need of assistance. They had never been to school and lived on and off the streets for all their lives. My heart swelled with the feeling that I had found the direction for my mission. 

Our team began a school sponsorship program for these brothers as well as any one of their friends who wanted to participate. In Malaybalay City, Philipines, there is a rotating cast of children and teenagers who are forced to sleep on the street and cannot attend school due to an unstable family life brought on by the strife of poverty. Though we could not house them ourselves (being four single girls), we found host families for as many as we could. I also provided three meals a day in order to enable the students to attend school and provided fully for their tuition, supplies, and fees. We also provided for the needs of their families in order to promote an environment of healing in the hopes of reunion. 


The money fundraised for this sponsorship program has lasted almost three full years since I left The Philippines and the sponsorship program has continued on with the three brothers poised to all graduate high school very soon! This amazes me as they started the first grade in 2015.  They all dream of going to college and having a career. 

I fully intend to keep the promise I made to them that they and their friends would have that opportunity provided to them as long as they are willing to attend class and work hard alongside me to see this through. 

I knew when I came back to America in 2017 that my work was not nearly done. I want to afford this chance to any child or adult who has the willingness to learn. I want to empower dreams and show them that the cycle of poverty can end. 

Isaiah International refuses to see potential wasted under the weight of poverty and we will stop at nothing to see these promises through. We foster an environment of healing, growth, and encouragement where individuals and families can have their basic needs met in order to see their full potential met.

Savannah Blanco


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